Brett Cummins
Physical Preparation & Athletic Performance

It turns out some people do like me. Here is what some of my clients have had to say about me.

Travis Demeritte: 2nd Baseman in the Atlanta Braves Organization, 2013 1st Round Pick (30th Overall)

"I've been training with Brett for 4 months this off-season and I feel stronger then I ever have going into Spring Training. My range of motion and flexibility have increased and he has helped me reach my goal of 10lbs of muscle. I appreciate the dedication and knowledge Brett has about his profession!"

Michael Gettys: Center Fielder in the San Diego Padres Organization, 2014 2nd Round Pick (51st Overall) 

Over the last 4 months, Brett, has not only gotten me stronger, which is always the goal, but he has helped me become more mobile and athletic. The last couple of years I have been suffering from lower back pain due to imbalances and tightness throughout my body. Brett has helped me develop a stronger core, as well as stronger and more mobile hips. For the first time in a long time I am pain free and ready to start Spring Training 100% healthy. 


"In the fitness and exercise world of Mom and Pop fitness gurus and never ending exercise gimmicks,  fads and trending “confusion” tactics, it’s really hard for consumers to discern safety and effectiveness… especially in a society where most are looking for a quick fix.  Brett Cummins, BS, CSCS is the anthesis to this confusion.  Brett’s academic preparation and professional credentialing as a “CSCS” (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) earned through the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) is the most distinguished recognition level of scientific credibility in the exercise world.  Brett provides his clients with fitness and sport specific exercise prescriptions and training interventions that produce optimal physiological results that are safe and lasting."

Matthew Grimes: Pitcher in the Baltimore Orioles Minor League System 

"I worked with Brett Cummins on my overall athleticism and flexibility. Brett proved to be a huge help for me in my off-season training. He worked with me in areas that I struggled with such as flexibility and mobility. I noticed a huge difference on how my body felt by the end of his program. He is incredibly knowledgeable in all athletic movements and can be an excellent training source regardless of what sport. In comparison to last year's spring training I could tell that I was in better shape and that I was much more flexible. So far everything that Brett and I have worked on has carried over into the season this year. I need every competitive edge I can get and Brett is up to the task. It was great working with Brett and I look forward to working with him again next off-season!"   

Adam Britt: Quarterbacks Coach- QB 365, Coach at Hebron Christian Academy  

Brett Cummins is one of the best in the business. Brett has worked with a handful of my quarterbacks and has had a big impact on improving performance and keeping them healthy and in the game. Brett is a great asset for rotational athletes who want to improve strength, power, and mobility. If you want your athletes to get stronger and healthier train with Brett. 

Will Bearden: Quarterback Univeristy of West Georgia 

Brett was my trainer for a little over a year as I was preparing for my freshman college football season. He helped me achieve goals across the board (strength, speed, agility, explosiveness, and mobility)  as he tailored my workouts to benefit me specifically as a Quarterback. He's the best in the business, in that he's very educated and knows how to convey his knowledge in a way that makes sense. Brett is very easy to get along with and is willing to adapt to your needs.  I would recommend any athlete at any level to work with Brett.  

Beth McCurdy: Ultra Marathoner  

"I'm a stubborn old chick who doesn't like to be told what to do, which is another reason why I gravitated towards endurance running. It's me and the road and my thoughts, but as I've aged, I've realized that I need to relinquish control and let someone help me get stronger and more agile. Being vulnerable and having the courage to ask someone for help isn't easy for many of us regardless of our fitness level. Brett was a breath of fresh air. He is serious and calm and doesn't make you feel like a weakling, and it's authentic. He is the best in the business and he's helped me to realize my potential. This skinny old runner is getting some muslces and I thank Brett for that!"

Danielle Sliss: Nurse 

"Training with Brett, I have increased my strength, endurance, and confidence. The workouts are challenging but within my abilities, some of which I never realized I had. I feel better than I have in a long time thanks to Brett's training and continued encouragement." 

Sherry Miller: Occupational Therapist, MS, OTR, L 

Brett Cummins is the perfect trainer for me because he is patient and makes me feel comfortable during our sessions, but still pushes me to become stronger. Also, he stays current with the latest information regarding Exercise Science. Finally, he is a lot of fun but knows when to be professional. I recommend Brett to all of my friends." 

Jennifer Carter: High School Spanish Teacher 

I started working with Brett after two procedures to repair my Achilles' tendon, and continued to work with him through a third procedure to repair my posterior tibial tendon. I credit my recovery from multiple surgeries to Brett. After my third surgery, my mobility and recovery improved more in six weeks of working with Brett than it did in six months of physical therapy after my first two surgeries. I would recommend Brett to anyone, whether they are looking for help to improve day-to-day mobility, or for a personal trainer that they can trust who will push them, but still ensure proper form and safety.

Amy Crook: Elementary School Teacher 

I have been training with Brett for over a year. He customizes my workouts to meet my goals, stregnths, and weakness. I appreciate how he adjust my workouts around injuries and stress from the week. He encourages me to make gains and keep working hard! Brett is extremely knowledgeable and professional! (And he makes my butt look great)!